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  1. Your safety and security are our foremost concern.
  2. Fully bonded and insured for your protection.
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  4. The training, experience, attitude and desire to do things right.
  5. Ladies always treated with respect. (Men too...)
  6. 24 hour garage door repair Houston - 365 days per year.
  7. Fast, Friendly, Affordable Service in Houston.
  8. Garage door repair and new garage door installations.
  9. Years of experience in Houston,TX and surrounding areas.
  10. The top name in Houston for garage door repair, new garage door sales and installations. Call us Immediately! We'll Be On Our Way Right Now!

Garage Door Repair Can Be Very Dangerous. That Is The First Thing You Need To Know.

Your garage door can weigh 400 to 500 pounds! If the spring is broken and the door is in the down position your opener won’t be able to raise it. It is way too heavy to lift without the spring assist.

If you try to use the opener to raise it, when the spring is broken, you can blow out the opener motor. Your opener is not made to lift that kind of weight. This could cause your opener to breakdown too, increasing the damage and cost of your garage door repair.

You also won’t be able to lift the door manually. It is just too heavy. Even if you did manage to get it in the up position, it won’t be held secure since you had to unlatch it from the opener motor. With that heavy door just hanging their unfettered it could come crashing down any time and under all that weight, it will crush anything in its way.


Hanging panels are the most dangerous of all.

You are talking 400 to 500 pounds of weight. If they come down, anyone or anything standing under that panel will be crushed.

No matter what your garage door repair emergency might be – PUT DOWN THE REMOTE OPENER!

Get out of the area. Call us to help you get your repair handled quickly, safely and without any danger to you or your car.

An Attached Garage - Stuck Open - Can Also Mean A Security Breach For Your Home.

That is another reason we call it Emergency Garage Door Repair.

John Cooper, The Owner, Comes Out Himself To Handle Your Garage Door Repair.

When you call - John Cooper answers the phone himself. He can respond immediately with all the necessary tools, experience and know how to get your garage door repair taken care of right away. If you live anywhere in Houston metro area, you are within our area of service and we will take your call day or night.

Serious Warning - Do Not Try A Garage Door Repair Yourself

Garage door repair problems can be very deceiving. If the motor is disengaged and you try to lift up a garage door by hand, it seems quite light in weight. But it is not light at all. It is extremely heavy, in the neighborhood of 400 to 500 pounds.

What makes it seem light is the torsion spring that is doing most of the lifting for you. If you have a panel that is hanging from the track, there is a lot more weight hanging there than you might expect. And if the torsion spring breaks, you simply won’t be able to lift the door at all.

Call Us Immediately For 24 Hour Repair – 281-235-4579

Too many people have tried to repair their garage door themselves; just to get seriously injured, damaged their cars and some have even died. Leave it to the professionals. Call John Cooper right now! Let John take the risk. He knows what to do. Call Emergency Garage Door Repair to fix your garage door emergency.

Ladies - We Know You Might Be Somewhat Cautious About Calling A Repair Service Man To Your Home

Please rest assured. John Cooper has done garage door repair for countless ladies and single Moms over the years, all of which had their repair problems solved right away without a catch. Ladies - when John Cooper shows up at your house - you are the boss - no questions asked! You will get nothing but respect and a job well done!

And remember that Emergency Garage Door Repair is an “A Rated” Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, with no complaints. You don’t get that kind of record without doing your business right.

And – we are bonded and insured for your protection.

If you are ever in need of repair or service, give us a call at 281-235-4579. Any time - day or night - because we are the 24 hour repair service. Find out what it’s like to be one of our satisfied customers. You’ll notice the difference with our very first visit.

Emergency Garage Door Repair
24 Hour Garage Door Repair Service
Phone: 281-235-4579

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